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Online business can be very exciting and at the same time quite tedious especially if you are a newbie. Isn’t it enough that you have to bother about creating your products or services or your business as a whole, do you have to bother about where or how to make your business productive and stat receiving orders and eventually income. You can decide to go the difficult way, or locate Suredeal.eu to help you.

Who We are

SureDeal is owned by two seasoned professionals in the business world. Barnabas and Joy are presently the two owners of the company and they are from Ballincollig Co, Cork. If you are interested in selling online, then you are in the right place because Barnabas, a part owner of SureDeal is a recognized, and award winner business person who won the 2010 Entrepreneurship award organized by Enterprise Board of Ireland. Currently, he is a final year students studying, Theology and philosophy at MUI Maynooth.


What is the idea behind SureDeal?

The idea is to serve you better through providing the environment for your business to thrive. As seasoned Entrepreneurs, we know the heartbeat of the business world and the advance system required for excellentperformance in online business. We incorporate this knowledge into building a solid ecommerce base platform that is perfect for the showcasing and productive selling f your business.


What is the essence of having a business if there is no one to sell it. It is a fact that you can have the best business model, but without people to see and appreciate it, the business will fall and crumble. This is why we incorporate marketing and advertising features in our website. Our clients are able to access one of the best advertising services for increased exposure and generation of premium and targeted traffic to their various offers.


Easy to use features:

Our features is world class but simple to access. You don’t need to be a techy to manipulate and effectively use the advance ecommerce features we have build for your profitable business.

Any product is welcome with exception of illegal and contra bounds:

Is yours new or second hand goods? You are welcome into our platform. You can access any features for whatever type of products you are selling. Currently, we have a wide range of products category, all you have to do is identify your market and start selling. It is really as simple as it sound.

Money making and excellent business transaction is at your fingertips with SureDeal. So, what are you waiting for? Register and start making money!

Hopefully you find SureDeal helpful and easy to use. Our main goal with the site is to take the hassle out of buying and selling new and second hand goods.

Please let us know if you have any ideas on how we can improve the site or our service. The user comments will be invaluable in getting SureDeal to where it will be in the near future. Take a look on how it works?